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20 years of improving the care of people with dementia

The goal of Maria Wolff is crystal clear: We work to improve the welfare and quality of life of dementia patients and their families. This can only be achieved with the collaboration of the excellent professionals that assist them.

Qué hacemos
Incorporate non-pharmacological therapies in your center's management

Non-pharmacological Therapies (NPTs) improve both your patients' quality of life and your center's business.

What we do
Our energy and support can help transform your business

You can do it on your own, but with help it is much easier.

What we do
Person-Centered care: profitable for everybody

Ponder on with us about strategic program combinations.

What we do
Fundación Tripartita finances the optimization of your welfare assistance

By aligning consultancy and training programs with your company's strategy, you can avoid wasting training credits.

Maria Wolff - What we do

Two decades ago Maria Wolff began to focus on improving the quality of care of dementia patients. A vital result of our ongoing research activity is our increased understanding of how to manage people with dementia without undue reliance on drugs and without the use of restraints. Our methods improve nursing homes’ reputation, its relationship with patients’ families, as well as its occupancy.

We can help you improve your center’s quality of care, even in the face of growing pressures to increase profit margins during a time of ever-shrinking resources.

We offer expertise and management systems that will increase the economic and social benefits for your company and staff, as well as your residents and their families.

Our consultancy and specialized training programs are based on solid scientific findings and clinical experience.

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