Management assistance
Safely eliminating physical restraints

We are Spain's most experienced consultancy firm working in the area of geriatric care. We are currently coordinating two international projects on the elimination of physical restraints in senior care facilities. Maria Wolff Consulting is also collaborating with Spain's Programa Nacional Desatar al Anciano y al Enfermo de Alzheimer (National Program to Untie the Elderly and Alzheimer Patients).

Management assistance
Controlling disruptive behavior

We can help your nursing home staff manage patients' challenging behavior. Maria Wolff has accrued two decades researching and managing BPSDs and CRBs .

Management assistance
Training and helping the medical staff

We provide specialized training and assistance to your medical staff. Our methodology includes the most up-to-date advances and best practices from neurology and geriatric medicine.

Maria Wolff - Care management

Programs to improve patient care competitiveness

· Challenging behavior management

· Complete elimination of physical and chemical restraints  (without an increase in injuries)

· Falls prevention and improved passive safety

· Incontinence and its related costs

· Comprehensive management of palliative care

· Optimized scheduling of Non-Pharmacological   Therapies

· Training for physicians, psychologists, occupational   therapists and nursing staff

· Core care-giving skills for people with dementia and   common geriatric symptoms

· Rationalization of tailored care programs

· Reorganization of nursing homes.


· De novo building design

· Care home remodeling and adaptation.

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